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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  January 15, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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go up to montclair and piedmont avenue and stop middle class white ladies on their way to the supermarket and ask them to empty their purses and submit to patdown searches. but that's not going to happen. >> let's wait until we get the votes for the contract before you interview him again, all right? >> reporter: listen, you have to ask the guy -- >> i think you did a great interview but that's -- that was our concern. >> reporter: what's the concern there, that he's too truthful in. >> no, that's not it. but those who don't -- who are so opposed to him will just use that as another source of, you see, you see? and they wouldn't take it in full context. >> reporter: that gentleman with the group called geezers against gangs, one of many here in oakland who support "stop & frisk" but this group right here, we are expecting some loud noise perhaps raising a ruckus inside the city council hearing at 5:30. we'll have the latest at 6:00. joe vazquez, cbs 5.
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the man who is taking over the san jose police department on an interim basis says he does not want the job for good. acting chief larry esquivel says he can speak for rank-and- file officers after 27 years on the force. >> i want to be their voice and be honest and sincere which i have been i think and that's important to them. >> he will focus on retaining officers and work to improve morale among rank-and-file officers. he is replacing chief chris moore, who is retiring this week. esquivel expects to be in command for several months while city leaders select a new chief. at 6:00 tonight, we'll tell you why some say the acting chief is walking into a no-win situation. northern california police officer has been killed in the line of duty. it happened late this morning in the city of galt. it's about halfway between sacramento and stockton. we're told two officers were investigating a burglary when a
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man they were talking to shot them. one of the officers was killed. the other was not hit. the shooter also died although it's not clear who killed him. police in sonoma county are now looking for a murderer after a man's body was discovered in the trunk of a car. 31-year-old sean parker's body was found last night near sonoma state university. parker was wanted for questioning in a domestic disturbance. the cause of his death is not released but officers say his death is a homicide. a suspect drunk driver's body has been pulled from the corte madera creek nearly a month after he disappeared. on december 24, police stopped 23-year-old anthony donaldson for a dui. that's when he took off running jumped in the creek and vanished. someone spotted his body floating in the creek behind kent middle school last night. in crockett this morning
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flames reflected off the water as fire destroyed a pier at the old building at loring and jackson. the fire is suspicious. a woman hit and killed by a big rig in cupertino was in a crosswalk. it happened this morning at foothill expressway and cupertino road. no word on whether the trucker will face charges. the guns kept coming but the cash ran out. many gun owners ready to trade in their guns for money walked away with ious. cbs 5 reporter grace lee on the huge turnout marin county wasn't expecting. >> reporter: the aim to get guns off the streets. >> i think we need to de-gun america. we are not out in the forest killing animals for meat. we're killing each other unfortunately. >> reporter: the trade? drop off your legal or illegal firearm no questions asked and
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get cast, $100 for operable guns and $200 for semi- automatic firearms. >> i have had them for years and i don't use them, feel any need to keep them around and cash is better at this point, pay some bills. >> we need to be mothers against guns. guns are killing our children. guns are killing our -- our children in the streets and in the schools. and mothers just need to get mad about guns. >> reporter: are you mad? >> i'm mad! >> reporter: this gun buy-back happened at 5 locations in marin county today at the novato police station, line snaking down the street. and business also brisk at the central marin police authority. so brisk, in fact, that the $43,000 raised for the program was gone in about an lure. >> i'm very gratified by what we have seen as far as weapons being turned in. it is more than i expected to be honest. >> reporter: marin county district attorney ed babarian spearheaded the program and says with no more cash on hand,
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officers had to begin handing out vouchers. if he is able to raise more money in 30 days, the county will honor them and he believes it could be worth it. >> you know, the -- just one gun out of the home might save a child's life. >> reporter: i just spoke with the d.a. a few minutes ago. he says they have collected about 300 guns so far. and you can still turn in your guns for vouchers until 8:00 tonight. just can't guarantee you'll get money. they be fundraising so if you would like to donate to the program send a check to the marin county d.a.'s office and mark it with gun buy-back. i'm grace lee, cbs 5. a little more than a month after the mass shooting at sandy hook elementary, tomorrow president obama will unveil his plan to fight gun violence. the president will push a ban on both assault weapons and high capacity ammo magazines and also propose expanded background checks for gun purchases.
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and he will address mental healthcare, school safety and violent videogames. new york lawmakers have just passed the toughest gun restrictions in the country. the law includes an immediate ban on semi-automatic rifles and pistols with a military- style feature. it also seeks to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill. the assault weapons and magazine bans would take effect as soon as the billion is passed and signed by governor cuomo. meantime the national rifle association is releasing an app that puts a virtual gun in the hands of the user. in the wake of the connecticut school shooting, the n ra has criticized violent videogames but the app creator says it's a tool to teach gun safety. a former nra firearms instructor agrees. >> seems to be more of a learning tool than a videogame. there's instruction along with the play so it doesn't strike me as the typical first person shooter that is, you know, going to tear up the village.
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>> the nra says the game is nonviolent and focuses on skills and safety tips. facebook is launching a new search engine for the local network called graph search to search anything your facebook friends have shared including photos, posts or interests. ceo mark zuckerberg says it's privacy protected meaning users can only search for content that's been shared. a promise to our veterans. the pledge walmart is making to those who served and the limitations that come with the promise. >> shot finder. the newest way to find vaccines as flu fears rise. good evening, meteorologist paul deanno in the mobile weather lab. i'll have your forecast and find out why the weather around the bay area is the perfect place for a vehicle like this. your forecast is coming up. >> lance armstrong comes clean. the new troubles he is facing after his no-holds-barred interview.
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>> we were mesmerized and riveted by some of his answers.
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to those honorably discharged. c-b-s five julie watts found jobs for 100,000 veterans, that's the pledge retail giant walmart is making to those honorably discharged. cbs 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts found out walmart's plan apparently not perfect. julie. >> reporter: yeah, allen. you know, walmart is getting praise and criticism for this big announcement. it sounds like a great deal but keep in mine, walmart will get big tax breaks and critics say what they are offering won't necessarily get vets back on their feet. call it a campaign for good will. in addition to touting everyday low prices, walmart is now offering jobs to veterans. >> i think this is really good news. >> reporter: lance frederick of the department of veterans affairs reiterates the sentiments. veterans make hard working loyal employees but he is concerned about the caveat to hire any honorably discharged veteran. it only applies within one year
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of active duty. >> i think that's unfortunate that they limit it like that. >> reporter: he says most vets first want to take advantage of the free education offered through the g.i. bill. after three or four years, you might have a vet who is now educated and ready to enter the workforce. >> certainly. when they come back you're a little out of sync with the civilian population it takes a while to get back into the swing of things. they are ready to go to work but they are not eligible. >> reporter: even if they are, some question why vets would want to work for walmart. >> 1.4 million people who are working there now are saying we don't get a decent wage, we don't get decent healthcare. and we want something better. >> reporter: author al norman an outspoken critic of walmart is referring to the nationwide black friday protest where workers cited low wages, decreasing part-time hours and increasing healthcare costs. norman also says many walmart employees are forced into medi-
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cal with taxpayers footing the bill. >> i don't think it's attractive for veterans. >> reporter: wouldn't a job at walmart be better than no job? >> i think the upon the is that walmart needs to offer a decent job to everyone who walks through its doors. >> reporter: walmart did not respond to our request for comment on this criticism. but its ceo did say today that it's receiving praise from the white house for this move. and that it marks the beginning of a nationwide push to encourage more businesses to hire returning vets. on the consumerwatch, julie watts, cbs 5. a new ad campaign is baring all to encourage families to get health insurance. the bold billboards popping up in the east bay. plus... >> we leave that image in people's minds of what it's like to do something unexpected. >> oh, yeah. the unexpected. and daring dance turning all the world into a stage. how that dance craze began its rise in the east bay.
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c-b-s 5 reporter john ramos explains the rush to find vaccines.. bay area school districts are still urging parents to get their children a flu shot but it's not that simple. cbs 5 reporter john ramos explains the rush to find vaccines has many parents coming up empty-handed. reporter: at an elementary school in pleasanton students spend a lot of time in close
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contact with other kids and like at every other school in the country, everyone is being encouraged to get a flu shot. the district is urging parents to bring kids here to target stores. where for the rest of this month, they are going to be offering free flu shots in the pharmacy for kids 4 to 18 years old. the problem is, so many people have taken them up on the offer that there's almost no vaccine to be had. this store in albany had some of the last remaining doses. >> we placed an order and it was out for yesterday so we got a few from other store. >> reporter: those won't last long. it's the same story everywhere as doctors and pharmacies try to accommodate a flood of patients. courtney teaches nursing at usf and is helping promote a website called flu near you that maps people who live and work around you who have been vaccinated. would we be better off to start these campaigns before the flu season hit?
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>> definitely. but i think there is something about swine flu or, you know, this big fear that is a motivator. ideally, we wouldn't need it and people would get the free shot anyway. >> reporter: susan got a flu shot back in october and wonders why others don't do the same. >> do you wait until the actual flu season? this is supposed to be a preventative. it's like you take it before you get the flu. you don't run out at the last minute and go ah! >> reporter: in pleasanton, john ramos, cbs 5. alameda county is baring all in its quest to insure thousands of low-income families. it's new cover your family ad campaign features entire families covering themselves with signs promoting medi-cal. the county says thousands of people who are eligible for the state assistance still haven't enrolled including about 15,000 children. got dennis here to sports.
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colin has to take it to the road. >> he is hot. before the season began nobody knew colin kaepernick nationally. now he is all over "sports illustrated." check it out. even jim harbaugh has been relegated to warmup act. the 49ers head coach has created a monster and there's not a defense in the league who seems to know how to stop him. the 49ers meet be on the road but vegas has him at four point favorites, as for the big stage of the nfc championship, bring it on. >> just show everybody what we've -- who we are, you know? [ indiscernible ] [ inaudible ] >> last year going into it we didn't know what to expect. not many of us had been in the play-offs previously. and, you know, we got in there, the intensity was a
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little bit more than what we expected. we adjusted. we played well both the saints and we went out there against, you know, the new york giants and we didn't take care of business. we didn't understand the magnitude of the moment. >> well, i think they understand the magnitude of it now. we have coverage for you when it comes to 49ers fever and allen coming up at 6:00, the former 49ers head coach mike nolan is the defensive coordinator for the atlanta falcons and has very much to do with the people on the 49ers roster now. >> we have you covered for the 49ers. our website, for post-season coverage on everything from the kaepernicking craze -- have you seen that video? that's so cute with the 5-year- old -- we have the best places for 49ers gear too. a group of oakland dancers is turning the world of modern dance on its side from colorful cathedrals to the broadside of office buildings.
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the troupe ban deloop has been creating the art for 22 years. >> people expect tricks and circus and that's not what they get. they get dance in a totally different environment. >> spectacular to watch. >> the dancers use the tools of rock climbing to scale their stages. hundreds of feet in the air and while they make it look easy it's not. >> paul deanno likes to go out. >> he can do it all. chief meteorologist paul deanno live with our brand-new mobile weather lab. >> we have so many different tiny climates around here just within the city of san francisco, let alone the entire bay area. we call those microclimates. so we have dozens of those but we don't have dozens of weather reporting stations. so why not create a vehicle the cbs 5 mobile weather lab, that can go to wherever the worst of
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the weather is or whatever weather we want to go describe we can because we have the data collection system right on the vehicle itself. let me take you inside. a lot of buttons and flashing things and knobs and stuff going on. i'll call that the brain of the vehicle. that's because this is a fully functioning satellite truck which can go anywhere and beam back a signal and give you a report of what's going on. if that's the brains, that's the heart of the vehicle. it wouldn't be a weather lab without weather data collection and that's top-notch right there the best stuff. we can record just about everything weather-wise and we'll over the next days, weeks, months and years. this vehicle is going to be deployed anytime the weather is serious in the bay area or maybe just a sunny day to a community event or school near you. let's talk about what's going on weather-wise this evening. we're milder but not to the warm stuff yet. that's coming up soon. peek outside first thing i want to do is take you to san jose and show you the temperatures. we are back down to the 40s again in concord and livermore,
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47 degrees san jose. san francisco mild at 52. so baby steps. took a few steps forward today and we're looking 3 or 4 degrees milder than yesterday. it's a "spare the air" day tomorrow with high pressure building overhead. unhealthy air quality for the north bay. moderate air quality for the east bay and also santa clara valley. hi-def doppler is absolutely positively clear. we will be clear for the next several disease as high pressure sits overhead. no weather makers making it toward the bay area. over into the tonight it's going to be chilly. we're taking the edge off the coal. there are no freeze warnings. there are no frost advisories in effect. but it's going to be chilly. san jose will be down to 35. redwood city 35. vallejo 35. napa 32. oakland 40. satellite and radar notice that huge clockwise swirl all the way up in northern canada and clouds staying far away from the bay area because of the big dome of high pressure over northern california. it is fully in control. and the forecast for the next several days as that high pressure dome is not moving so what to expect?
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the coldest of the cold air is gone. we'll have chilly nights, mild afternoons. and when i say mild low 60s. highs close to 60 degrees all the way into next week and we'll hit that 60-degree mark either tomorrow or thursday. highs tomorrow redwood city 59 degrees. fremont 58. concord chilly 55. vallejo 56. livermore 56. santa rosa 60. richmond 55. alameda 58 degrees. check out all the suns. count 'em. there are 21 sun icons on this seven-day forecast. we'll be in the mid-60s inland as soon as thursday and staying there right through the weekend on monday. near the bay leveling off around 60 starting thursday. a beautiful trend of weather near the coast with highs in the mid- to upper 50s. back out here live the cbs 5 mobile weather lab a toyota highlander hybrid, here's the weather data right there. i can tell you yesterday at this time we were sitting at 48
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degrees. now we're at 52 so there's your 4-degree change. we can show you radar and rain rate. we can show you everything that's going on weather-wise and the great thing is, it's the mobile weather lab, it's mobile! we can move wherever the weather is at its worst. jwwñ
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armstrong did use performance- enhancing drugs.. cbs re well, he lied about it now he is admitting it to oprah. lance armstrong did use performance-enhancing drugs. >> cbs reporter vinita nair has more on that tell-all interview with oprah. >> we are all excited. >> reporter: oprah winfrey gave "cbs this morning" some details about her much-anticipated exclusive interview with lance armstrong. >> and the answers that people around the world have been waiting to hear were answered and certainly, uhm...., answered -- i can only say i was satisfied by the answers. >> reporter: armstrong was stripped of his 7 tour de france titles after the u.s. anti-doping agency found overwhelming evidence he took performance-enhancing drugs. up until now, the cyclist
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strongly denied the allegations. >> we were mesmerized and riveted by some of his answers. >> reporter: winfrey chose to speak with "cbs this morning" because she is of course close friends with anchor gayle king. >> it's being described as an emotional interview. what does that mean? >> well, i would say there are a couple of times where he was emotional. but emotional doesn't begin to describe the intensity or the difficulty that i think that he experienced. >> reporter: hours before armstrong sat down with winfrey, he apologized to the staff of his "livestrong" charity which raises money for cancer survivors. he stepped down from the board in october after the anti- doping agency report. vinita nair, cbs news, new york. legal experts say armstrong's admission now leaves him open to lawsuits and possible criminal charges. we'll be right back.
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getting money for tuition, with a questionable cost to their y. new at 6:00 a non- traditional way to pay for college. how more bay area students are getting money for tuition with a questionable cost to their dignity. plus, just five days in the 49, play for the nfc championship. how you can tell the true fans by their retro look. that and more at 6:00. >> love the retro look. >> great. >> classic. >> bring it back. >> thank you for watching. the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. captions by: caption colorado
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>> pelley: tonight, he was peddling lies-- lance armstrong confesses to illegal doping.llegal doping. oprah win tri talks about her interview, and we'll talk to one of armstrong's closest teammates. would there have been a lance armstrong without doping? one state moves with lightning speed on gun control as president obama prepares his own plan. reports from chip reid and major garrett. today's report on climate tells us how the world is changing. bill whitaker reports from california. liz palmer from london. and a school takes drastic action to save its students from obesity. seth doane with the kids and the cure. >> when i was nine, it just kind of hit me smack in the face, "oh, i'm going to die." captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening.


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